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 Once again Nick Mesh invites his friends, buddies and local fellas for the shoot. Yes, all muscle guys and bodybuilders in his pictures are regular people far from model business, art and photography. They look outstandingly handsome, masculine and strong, full of internal power and sexual energy and express a certain perfection of forms the artist finds absolutely attractive.

 Nick says: "Imagine, the most exciting thing during someone's first shoot is to watch how a shy guy becomes an insane monster who's ready to show the most secret parts of his body and soul in front of the camera. For best results I should just make him enjoy the moment and forget about all the rest. Interesting task, isn't it?" The 2nd volume of the popular photo books series "In Strict Confidence - Male Portraits and Nudes by Nick Mesh" must be the most welcome addition to the library of anyone who truly admires and appreciates the male form and sexuality.

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