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This Morning in the Woods 
Standard Edition (8 x 10 in, 21 x 26 cm)

Hardcover, ImageWrap  
Standard Color Printing Paper
(70# White Uncoated, 105 gsm),
ImageWrap with a tactile matte finish,
glossy softcover.

Ebook Version 
Available for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC computers

Nick Mesh presents his new exceptional collection of male images. These gorgeous muscle guys are enjoying the first rays of the sun breathing in the fresh air and feeling the pleasant cool on their naked skin. 
The morning light reveals not only the delightful beauty of shapes and colours of the trees and sleepy meadows. Each man here himself is a real masterpiece of the nature you can't take your eyes away. They bathe carefree, nude and happy in the dawn beams in the middle of nowhere. 

These stunning giants literally emit eroticism and strike through their unbelievable masculine beauty. Looks like their internal sexual power is about to break through. You can't resist the attraction of this sincere flawless nudity. 

Join us now and enjoy this unforgettable walk. Sometimes we all need a kind of getaway from the hectic life. Make your daring dreams and fantasies come true with us here in the morning woods.

Probably a perfect gift and the best addition to the library of anyone who admires the male form and sexuality.

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